Elise doesn't feel like celebrating Christmas this year. A divorce has left her feeling more like Scrooge than Santa. But will the handsome, charismatic Nathan be able to change her mind? He may be just the present she needs this year. 

Abducted outside of her home in Los Angeles, Alyson now finds herself a slave in the land of Shar. One look at the fallen angel who buys her and she melts. Adam's sexy body and smoldering kisses leave her weak in the knees and make her heart flip-flop in her chest. Is it possible to fall in love with a man who owns you? Alsyon is going to find out...

*Warning: contains menage and anal sex 

Taken outside of a park in New Orleans, Cadence now finds herself in the land of Shar, a parallel universe that is home to the demons even hell doesn’t want. The slave trader who kidnapped her starves her and beats her into submission, until the ruler of Shar steps in.

Lars, a vampire known for his cruelty, is drawn to the young captive. For reasons he can’t explain, he wants to protect her and keep her safe. Buying her from the merciless slave trader, he heals her wounds. While he may have her in his bed, he wants much more from her. The vampire has decided he wants her love.

Can Cadence forget she’s nothing more than a slave, forget the rumors of her vampire lover, and give Lars a chance? By opening her heart, can she become the vampire’s redemption? 

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